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The 2016 Ely Business Awards

awards-2016There’s nothing quite like an awards ceremony to bring work colleagues together; all dressed up and anticipating the exciting night ahead, with perhaps just a smidgeon of trepidation.

Also, there's nothing that loosens the starchy grip of formality, or lightens the burden of professional etiquette quite like the unpretentious glitz and glamour that surrounds an awards...

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It’s Awards Time Once Again

awards-2016The Ely Business Awards are just around the corner. Every year, the great and the good of the business community come together to celebrate the achievements of the region's small, medium and large businesses that have excelled over the last 365 days.

Having won Small Business of the...

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Labour-tech to open its doors on Saturday morning

open-signRecruitment is a funny old business, and the jobs market is a fickle thing. It doesn't understand weekends, or holidays, the weather, or even the time of year. The job market can be as unpredictable as a field of volcanic geysers; you never know what's going to...

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Labourtech’s taking recruitment into the future

Advertising ad Correct ColoursUsually, when you work through a Recruitment Agency or want to find a candidate for a vacancy, there is a monthly and/or ongoing fee involved. This works well enough, but what if you simply want to advertise a vacancy, like you would in a...

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The 2016 Celebration of Business & EU Debate

The Celebration of Business exhibition always seems to be accompanied by bright sunshine and unseasonably warm weather. 2016 was no different, and so it was with a sun-kissed skip in their steps that Ely and East Cambridgeshire's local businesses made there way to Ely's fabulous cathedral to set up shop, rub shoulders with the like-minded, and generally...

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A new addition to the Labourtech team

We have acquired a new addition to the Labourtech family. It isn't actually a person but it's important none the less. Purchased to eventually replace our ageing Fiat Punto is a shiny new Hyundai i35, sporting the Labourtech livery, which can be seen doing the rounds across the region.

We haven't given it a name, but...

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Labourtech: Looking forward to 2016

logo1 croppedgif2015 was a seminal year for Labourtech Recruitment. We emerged from behind Market Street onto the main thoroughfare and brought with us a swanky new look, a new team, and a fresh approach to regional recruitment. Our old premises became a shop and an old shop at...

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